About Us

We are commited to the growth
and productivity of your organization

YEEI INVESTMENTS & SUPPORTS LIMITED is a consortium of consultants currently servicing financial institutions, private sectors, Development partners, State governments, Federal government agencies, and multinational corporations with trainings and business support services in the following areas:

  • Business Plan & Control
  • Business Principles and Ethics
  • Team and role model effectiveness
  • Effective networking, Purchasing & Supply management
  • Work attitude& Productivity
  • Logistics and Inventory Management
  • Services delivery customers services
  • Internet customer relationship management
  • Sales on point customers reactions & opinions
  • Fraud detection
  • Risk management and so much more…

Our scope extends to seeing to the improvement in educational standard of Schools and other institutions as well as offer capacity building training to various identified groups. We also provide teaching aid/tools through the supply of technologically inclined devices such as;

  • Laptops
  • Personal/ Group Learning aid/tool
  • Z-pad tablets

Our Teachers’ training cuts across the following:

  • Areas between the teachers and students
  • Teachers and management
  • Management and students
  • Student to student
  • Brain based classrooms
  • Teacher Burnout & Attitude

YEEI also carryout series of Programme/projects for groups (Youths, Women, Businesses) in form of: Business seminars, Skill acquisition, Empowerment schemes.

Strategy/Process review

We review your business strategies and provide the needed guidiance you might require.

Structural Designs

Also, we provide tips on best practises required for an efficient and effecrtive managerial structure

Assets Maximization

You are exposed to practical ways to effectively and efficiently maximize available assets

To ensure that no citizen with a viable business idea remains idle, hopeless and unemployed

This has been the life-long mission of YEEI Supports and what we are out to achieve. With a team of highly skiiled and fully equipped experts, we are willing and always ready to come to the aid of individuals passionate enough to chase their dreams.

A world where individuals are fully equipped with the required skills, funds and resources duly required for the actualization of their business objectives.

From the inception of YEEI supports and Investments Limited, our sole vision has always been this. Our network of experts are friendly and resourceful, and for this, you can be rest assured we are well postioned to flow with your needs

  • Value creation
  • Value optimization
  • Profit maximization
  • Wealth management
  • Asset multiplication
  • Wealth perpetuation

Steps and Procedures

How to be the next beneficiary

  • Join for free

    Register for a free account. Registration is simple and fast and provides you unlimited access to future updates and packages that we offer

  • Submit Application

    Obtain a unique pin from any of the numerous vendor banks whose details you will find when you register on this platform. This pin validates opens up a secure gateway where you submit your application

  • Expect a Call Up

    Our team of experts will review each and every applications as well as the uploaded documents. Calls for physical interview is next if application was successful. Viability of the business proposal is a major determinant factor for a participant to be selected.

  • Get Funding

    Qualified applicants are then placed on a schedule where our experts will have a meeting with the team to structure out modalities for giving out the loan as well as other relevant resouces. As for the loan, it is to be repaid without interest on capital over a period of 12 months. Hence, each participant is to provide 2 guarantors, preferably civil servants