YEEI Investment and Support Limited has revealed that it is offering a zero interest loan to Nigerians, particularly for small and medium scale businesses.

This was made known in an address by the Executive Director, Edewor Christopher on Thursday 8th November 2018 in Abuja.

Mr Edewor said that the major aim for such an idea was to transform small and medium scale business in Nigeria through provision of accessible capital by giving out zero interest loans.

He thanked Fidelity Bank for giving their platform for such life transforming scheme for small and medium scale business in Nigeria, and appreciated other partners including Durable Homes & investments co ltd and Fadila Health Education Empowerment Initiative for their support.
Mr Edewor also revealed that accessing the zero interest loan is neither cumbersome or rigorous. stating the steps for registration as follows,“All you need is to work up to any fidelity banks close to you and get YEEl zero interest loan pin at N4,500 that can give you access to our loan page on our website and submit your details .”

Earlier in his address, the Executive Director said Nigeria is enjoying Euro-America democratic system of governance, requires the restoration of democracy and democratic values through what Gambari (2008) proffers as national outlook, transparency, accountability and integrity.

He expressed worry that Nigeria’s business environment only favors the high and mighty in the society who can work into banks and are given more loans to expand their already established business.

“It is on that note that YEEI Investment came to being in bid to create a financial relieve to the ordinary man on the street that have no collateral or connection yet but have viable business ideas that can translate to economic value to the nation.

“The principal aim of the scheme is to ensure that viable business ideas remains hopeful and to reduce financial constraints affecting business owners because of non availability of capital as well as to compliment the effort of the government”, he said.

it was witnessed that loans have been given to some people as they testified during the occasion and also more loans and cheques were presented to about 10 beneficiaries during the occasion, YEEI Investments and Supports also promises that more loans will be giving out to other beneficiaries in future.